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You cannot make accurate decisions without first being confident your data is accurate. My Google Ads Audits deliver confidence and security so we can deliver true customer insights.

In this free 30 minute consultation we can discuss your current measurement strategy, your business goals, and how a Google analytics audit can help you reach those goals through data security and clarity.

Michael Acland King

I Work With Analytics Data From Many Platforms


What Is a Google Analytics Audit?

First, ask yourself, is your data accurate? Everyday marketers and digital strategist rely on their data to make business critical decisions. If they cannot trust their data their ability to grow their organization is stifled. If you question the integrity of your data you will find your self paralyzed. Not knowing if the decisions you make are the correct ones.

The purpose of Google Analytics audit is to confirm that the data is correct and that the tracking strategy is aligned with the business goals. When you need to use your Google Analytics data you can find the answers to the questions you have without having to start from scratch.

My Google Analytics Audit Process

1. Review Of Data Collection

The process starts by going through each part of the puzzle piece by piece. I’m going to review the account settings, the structure and insure this is aligned with the business goals. I’ll need to have regular calls with the steak holders to develop a strong understanding of the business needs. I’ll debug the pixels and tags and check they are sending the correct data and sending it in a way that we expect them to. I’ll account for corrupt data and PII and deliver it in a report of reccomendations.

2. Implementation Of Recommendations

Together we shall work through the recommendations I have made and create an action plan for who and how they should be implemented. I’ll produce a handover document for new company employees and walk your team through a workshop to ensure they understand the best practice methodology we are following.

3. Opportunity Analysis

With our clean data and fresh setup I can begin an analysis process to look for the insights and opportunities in the Google Analytics data. Based on your business goals and led by the teams needs this part of the Google Analytics Audit is to try and get your team to reach the overall objective faster.

4. Delivery Of Analysis

I will deliver my recommendations from the opportunity analysis in a report and presentation. I can work with your partners to insure the recommendations are completed correctly.

Google Analytics Expert Audit

My Google Analytics Audit service is designed to get you out of the weeds as quickly as possible and delivering a measurable impact for your business. It’s an in-depth investigation and resolution process that will help your organization get maximum value from the tool.

From my audit you can expect:

  1. A clear project plan that will set expectations, deliverables and expected outcomes.
  2. A number of discovery meetings with your stakeholders to understand your business, your challenges, and your opportunities.
  3. A full audit of Google Analytics settings, implementation, and usage of Google Analytics.
  4. Troubleshooting any complex issues leading to data quality issues.
  5. Delivery of a detailed and comprehensive report with clear actions on how and why your Google Analytics setup and data collection will be fixed.
  6. A clear plan for implementing agreed upon improvements.

Reporting and Dashboard Building

Over 27 million websites use Google Analytics. Yet, 89% of marketers say they would like to improve their Google Analytics knowledge. It’s not the easiest tool to use. With over 500 unique pieces of data in Google Analytics there’s a lot to study.

Dashboards and custom reports can make the time-consuming and often overwhelming process much easier. As a part of my Google Analytics audit I also offer a dashboard service that will help you build out a Google Analytics dashboard. One that includes the views and metrics you care about. Making reporting easier than ever.

Strategic Growth and Acquisition Analysis

Working together we’ll first determine the quality of your marketing channels and learn how to optimize your acquisition tactics for the best leads and sales. Let me analyze your current tactics by reviewing the cost, quality, and optimal volume to provide you with a more measurable understanding of the issues and opportunities available.

Attribution Analysis

As well as my standard Google Analytics Audit I also offered an advanced attribution analysis. This ties in closely with the strategic growth plan that I put together to help business grow their marketing quickly and efficiently. I use a step-by-step optimization process to identify the marketing channels that will deliver the biggest growth.

Past Analytics Consultations


Merlin Entertainment, the owner of Legoland, is the largest attraction operator in Europe. They manage 89 websites across 22 countries for over 100 attractions. The team’s marketing was held back by its lack of data and needed a solution.

A bespoke code implementation & Google Tag Manager migration provided an effective tracking & reporting solution. We provided technical consultancy, coding & project management.

This enabled one of the most significant changes to the way Merlin Entertainment controlled its data in years. The data analysts now trust the data they are receiving and the marketing team could confidently increase the ad spend.

What My Customers
Say About Me

Having immense knowledge of a subject is important. However, being able to talk about it and instruct in a clear manner doesn’t come very often. I can comfortably say Mike’s level of excellence paired with his concise instructions is rare.


Hammid S

Michael’s consulted on the implementation of our largest and most complex brands to Google Tag Manager and provided ongoing consultancy which made this complicated project and pleasure to work on. I have found Mike to be knowledgeable on a vast array of the subject and eager to share that knowledge.

Michael Chang

Michael Chang

Mike consulted at Build Direct on innovating new digital marketing strategies. He has also trained me to use Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords at an advanced level. Mike goes beyond what we request to give us the best recommendation possible.

Michael Bae

Michael Bae

His technical ability and understanding added incredible value to our team. He always provided accurate, reliable work, plus he was proactive and responsive to all the challenges we faced.

Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb

His approach to customer acquisition encapsulates the COA -> ROI. When I need to talk about data-led marketing/sales, Michael is my first and only phone call. If you’re looking to grow your business and want expertise in data-led marketing, call Michael.

Nicole Parmar

Nicole Parmar

A true specialist, on top of the continuous evolution of online advertising strategies and can be relied on to persistently and consistently work to get our clients results.

Audrey Ple

Audrey Ple

Previous Analytics Consultations

Pangea Maps

Pangea Maps 10Xed their leads within twelve months. They went on, the following holiday season, to triple their year-on-year revenue and maintain a substantial 30% margin on their sales.

The team at Pangea Maps were getting leads, but the leads were not cheap. They didn’t know what was landing customers, and they didn’t know what had caused the business growth to fluctuate.

We worked with Pangea to tie their online metrics to business objectives. Identify the most important data points and map out a data-led marketing strategy.

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