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Michael Acland King

Are you seeking specialized Google Ads optimization to elevate your performance marketing campaigns? I’m a veteran Google Ads Consultant with over 15 years in paid performance marketing, data analytics, and tracking. I’ve managed more than $30 million in ad spend for businesses big and small.

In my career, I’ve observed that up to 95% of paid advertising leads are lost due to inadequate optimization. By applying rigorous data analysis and optimization techniques, along with establishing repeatable processes, I effectively reduce these losses and significantly enhance business growth. My expertise lies in turning poorly performing Google Ads into profitable investments by ensuring each dollar spent works harder for your business.


What you will learn from a free consultation with me

  • How to implement data-driven strategies for business growth.
  • How to analyze performance for ongoing success.
  • My approach for tackling your unique marketing challenges.
  • How we might amplify your marketing efforts with my strategic optimisation process.
  • What a custom marketing plan tailored for you might look like.

What you can expect from working with me

  • In-depth data analyses, audits and actionable optimisation roadmaps.
  • Campaign optimisation for efficiency and increased sales.
  • Detailed reporting and data analysis for informed decision-making.
  • Continuous testing to stay ahead of trends and competitors.
  • Mentorship for your team or agency partners.
  • Results-Driven, clear communication, diverse Experience, professional.

My Expert Google Ads Optimization Can Help You

  • Boost Google Ads Performance: Enhance lead conversion and master new Google Ads features with a thorough account review to optimize your campaigns for success.
  • Tackle Specific Google Ads Issues: Overcome challenges in remarketing, bid strategies, and high CPC. Let’s refine your goals and boost your results together.
  • Adapt to Google Ads Updates: Stay ahead of Google Ads changes like the shift to responsive search ads. I’ll manage these updates, focusing your efforts on attracting ideal prospects.
  • Start New Google Ads Accounts: From scratch to success: I’ll guide you in setting up and choosing the right campaign types to grow your ROI effectively.
  • Attribution Analysis: Determine which marketing campaigns truly drive conversions, ensuring efficient and targeted investment.
  • Diagnose Performance Declines: Identify and rectify the causes of decreased campaign performance to get your strategy back on track.
  • Ad Copy Testing and Optimization: Elevate your ad copy with strategic testing and optimization for higher engagement and conversions.
  • Strategic Leadership: Equip your team with expert guidance to analyze and lead your Google Ads strategy effectively.
  • Lift Testing: Measure the direct impact of your Google Ads on business results, enabling informed, data-driven decisions.

I Follow A Streamlined Google Ads Optimization Process

  • Initial Consultation: Begin with a free consultation to assess your website and identify initial Google Ads strategies aligned with your marketing goals.
  • Discovery Meeting: Deep dive into your business model and the role of ads within your organization, setting clear targets and understanding for tailored strategy development.
  • Audit and Review: Comprehensive audit of your existing Google Ads accounts to collect crucial data, highlighting areas for improvement and growth opportunities.
  • Google Ads Plan Development: Formulate a strategic plan based on your business objectives and past ad performance, leveraging my expertise for maximum impact.
  • Plan Implementation: Execute a complete range of Google Ads services, including ad creation, landing page optimization, and campaign management, with regular approvals for transparency.
  • Measurement and Optimization: Focus on evaluating and refining your campaigns post-implementation for continuous performance improvement.
  • Reporting and Communication: Maintain ongoing communication with regular updates on campaign progress and detailed monthly reporting for a comprehensive understanding of your investment and results.

Why you should work with me

  • Results-Driven: Together we’ll craft strategies that exceed your marketing objectives.
  • Clear Communication: I’m pride myself on keeping everyone informed, aligned and projects moving swiftly.
  • Diverse Experience: Expertise across B2B, B2C, Ecom, Lead Gen and SaaS.
  • Professionalism: 15+ years of industry excellence.

Case Study: How I grew leads by 20x using data-driven marketing

I used a step-by-step data-driven marketing strategy to increase sales—20x over four years. The approach focused on learning and understanding customer behaviors and preferences through data analysis, allowing for the personalization of marketing messages and hyper targeted advertising. This strategic shift increased total lead numbers month-over-month but also improved the company’s ability to nurture and develop customer relationships, and increase lead to sale rates. Read more


Mike was our consultant to help with innovating new digital marketing strategies. He has also trained me to use Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords at an advanced level.

Mike goes beyond what we request to give us the best recommendation possible. He is extremely passionate about digital marketing and is a pleasure to work with! Thanks for all your help!


Working with Michael we saw our sales numbers increase year on year. Michael went above and beyond to ensure that the marketing strategies were implemented effectively, but also learn the ins-and-outs of our business.

If I could highlight the reasons to work with Mike it would be his excellent communication, very approachable manner, professional service and cutting edge strategies. Michael lead the social media marketing, tracking, testing and optimization and reporting.


Michael was a delight to deal with. He managed our google adwords campaign from start to finish and did an excellent job providing recommendations, preparing the data in a way that was digestible and easy for me to understand.

He looked after the following for us:

  • Google Ads testing and consultancy
  • Migration from Universal Analytics to GA4
  • Removal of the old Universal Analytics tags
  • Setting up reporting

He was very collaborative to work with and I look forward to continuing to work with him. I highly recommend working with Michael.


While Michael worked with our company for a year, I had the pleasure of working with him over the past two months.

Michael demonstrated a deep understanding of our goals, and was quick to adapt to any changes in our overall strategy.

He was proactive in his approach and his straightforward communication ensured we were on the same page for all campaign changes and their potential impact to results.

As we bring our paid efforts in house, Michael ensured that our team had all historical context from the account which helped set our new team member up for success.


As an old school marketing manager who knew very little about paid digital advertising, I thank my lucky stars I had Mike to mentor me. His expertise, guidance and encouragement were instrumental in my professional development as I transitioned to a more digital role in my career. Mike went out of his way to volunteer his free time on a weekly basis to help me learn the workings of digital ads over the course of a few years.

As a result of that mentorship and training, I was able to launch several successful programs for my freelance clients and also advance my career. Mike consulted me as I worked on my gigs, and gave me clear insights about the workings of Google ads, Facebook ads, SEO, new platforms, tools and features. He is patient and dedicated, easygoing, composed and never judges, regardless of how silly my questions are!

I gained a lot of confidence because of his support. If looking for a collaborator, project manager, colleague on your digital team – I highly recommend Mike!


I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating with Mike across two different companies. His proficiency in managing the intricate details of Google Ads, from testing and optimizing ad copy to setting up tracking and tags, has been instrumental in enhancing our online presence. Moreover, Mike’s aptitude for constructing comprehensive reporting dashboards has provided us with a holistic view of our digital marketing efforts, enabling us to make informed decisions swiftly. His commitment to continually test and optimize ad copy has undeniably contributed to our campaigns’ success, showcasing his unwavering dedication to achieving optimal results.

What truly sets Mike apart is his exceptional intellect, highly analytical mindset, and unparalleled creativity in devising innovative marketing strategies. His ability to think outside the box has proven invaluable in navigating the dynamic landscape of online advertising.

Without a doubt, I would recommend Mike for any business seeking a strategic and proficient digital marketing partner.


Michael was phenomenal to work with! At Blakes, we used his services to assist us with our GA4 migration, updating/fixing our GTM tags, consulted on our Google Ad campaigns and even trained our staff on how to use each tool. I highly recommend Michael, and will be recommending him as much as I can!


Mike was our consultant to help with innovating new digital marketing strategies. He has also trained me to use Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords at an advanced level.

Mike goes beyond what we request to give us the best recommendation possible. He is extremely passionate about digital marketing and is a pleasure to work with! Thanks for all your help!

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