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Reduce The Risks and Compound The Value Of Your Marketing Campaigns

Clever advertisers don’t guess. They make confident decisions based on facts. We work with advertisers and agencies to identify the low-risk, high-value marketing opportunities in their business. Then we create an execution plan for them based on the data.
Michael Acland King

Why Work With Us?

We Transform Insights Into a Story You Can Trust.

Our goal is to remove the barriers between data analysis and taking action.

The analysis we do is built on robust data science principles, but it’s written for humans. It gives users with varying technical abilities and deep subject expertise clear instruction and meaningful answers to their questions. We designed it to be read and implemented.

Advertisers and agencies work with us to:

  • Deliver immediate, compounding value. We align the business and marketing partners on a solid foundation of data. The cost of marketing and driving sales will drop and the value that the marketing and sales team deliver will increase. Following our methods, businesses achieve positive financial outcomes within four months.
  • Make calculated optimizations based on facts. Deciding to change ads, invest in search engine optimization or increase budgets calls for collaboration across many teams. Our analysis delivers the data that subject matter experts need to answer mission-critical questions.
  • Align their online metrics with real business objectives. Business objectives hold an organization together. We build our analysis and optimization plans by tying real business objectives to the metrics and data points we track and tag. Business stakeholders can trace an insight back to the data point and logic that was used to create it.
  • Unite the marketing teams around a common process. Collaboration and momentum increase when all members of the team are working in the same direction. Our objective is to deliver a step-by-step plan of action that will take the organization to its business goals.
  • Evaluate risks vs rewards. We teach businesses how to look at marketing opportunities and evaluate risks vs reward with each decision. Organizations can take steps forward in their campaigns confident that the decision will have positive results.
  • Instill trust in data. Data integrity is a moving target that requires continuous improvement over time.

How Does It Work?

Defined Objectives

After an initial phone consultation, we’ll pull together all the key stakeholders to define the projects’ scope. This is an opportunity to establish:

  • Objectives. What would the business leaders and partners like to achieve?
  • Timescales. A typical project will take three to four months to complete but this could vary depending on the objectives.
  • Milestones. Each week of the project is broken down into a phase and each phase includes a conference call and deliverables that we agree at the beginning.
  • Outcomes. Our goal is to deliver an execution plan based on the data analysis we have completed. The specifics of this will, be based on the business objectives.

We Mine The Data From Multiple Channels


Modern advertisers collect a lot of data. Structured data like Google Analytics, log files and spreadsheets. Unstructured data like emails, social media comments, documents, and videos.

Using the data from your marketing campaigns, we can create attribution recommendations, forecasts analysis, and testing hypotheses. We’ll help you understand why things happen, what works and what you can do to improve the things that don’t work.

But we go much further. We’ll analyze the data from disconnected systems to uncover new opportunities. Using advanced analysis tools we’ll help you:

  • Understand what your competitors are doing.
  • What people are saying on social media.
  • How customer sentiment impacts your brand.
  • What your organic search opportunities are.
  • And much more.

Under The Hood

Our goal is to integrate and transform your corporate data and publicly accessible data into a coherent data asset. One that we can use to build a marketing strategy.

We help our customers rise to the challenge. Our team is backed by a suite of tools and processes that skilled experts use for our data integration and analysis:

  • Human-readable data representations and visualizations.
  • Tag management and expertise for fast implementation and use.
  • Versioning controls and provenance tracking to ensure you know why and how we got certain answers.
  • Statistical analysis and reasoning for fact-based assessments.
  • Optimization Analysis.
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis.
  • Dataset storage and learning methods that allow users to build on one another’s work, rather than constantly starting from the beginning.
  • Access to open APIs.
  • Third-party integrations with business data systems.
  • Analytical operations and tooling.
  • Risk analysis and forecast analysis.
  • Access to third party data for identifying trends and spotting opportunities in the industry.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization.
  • Search engine optimization experts.
  • Paid media experts.
  • Social media experts.
Real World Application


Merlin Entertainment, the owner of Legoland, is the largest attraction operator in Europe. They manage 89 websites across 22 countries for over 100 attractions. The team’s marketing was held back by its lack of data and needed a solution.

A bespoke code implementation & Google Tag Manager migration provided an effective tracking & reporting solution. We provided technical consultancy, coding & project management.

This enabled one of the most significant changes to the way Merlin Entertainment controlled its data in years. The data analysts now trust the data they are receiving and the marketing team could confidently increase the ad spend.

What Our Customers
Say About Us

Having immense knowledge of a subject is important. However, being able to talk about it and instruct in a clear manner doesn’t come very often. I can comfortably say Mike’s level of excellence paired with his concise instructions is rare.


Hammid S

Michael’s consulted on the implementation of our largest and most complex brands to Google Tag Manager and provided ongoing consultancy which made this complicated project and pleasure to work on. I have found Mike to be knowledgeable on a vast array of the subject and eager to share that knowledge.

Michael Chang

Michael Chang

Mike consulted at Build Direct on innovating new digital marketing strategies. He has also trained me to use Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords at an advanced level. Mike goes beyond what we request to give us the best recommendation possible.

Michael Bae

Michael Bae

His technical ability and understanding added incredible value to our team. He always provided accurate, reliable work, plus he was proactive and responsive to all the challenges we faced.

Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb

His approach to customer acquisition encapsulates the COA -> ROI. When I need to talk about data-led marketing/sales, Michael is my first and only phone call. If you’re looking to grow your business and want expertise in data-led marketing, call Michael.

Nicole Parmar

Nicole Parmar

A true specialist, on top of the continuous evolution of online advertising strategies and can be relied on to persistently and consistently work to get our clients results.

Audrey Ple

Audrey Ple

Real World Application

Pangea Maps

Pangea Maps 10Xed their leads within twelve months. They went on, the following holiday season, to triple their year-on-year revenue and maintain a substantial 30% margin on their sales.

The team at Pangea Maps were getting leads, but the leads were not cheap. They didn’t know what was landing customers, and they didn’t know what had caused the business growth to fluctuate.

We worked with Pangea to tie their online metrics to business objectives. Identify the most important data points and map out a data-led marketing strategy.

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