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I'll help you understand exactly what’s working – and what isn’t. Together we'll find the facts in your data and use them to improve your marketing and achieve your business objectives.

In this free 30 minute consultation we can discuss your business objectives, and how a Google analytics consultant can help you tackle them.

Michael Acland King

I Work With Analytics Data From Many Platforms


What Can A Google Analytics Consultant Do
For Your Business?

Most importantly, I transform your website and marketing data into actionable insights for reaching your business goals. I create step-by-step instructions for each action backed up by data. My goal is to remove the risk and maximize the value with each business decision.

The data you collect is useless information unless you can learn something from it. I combine analytics tools, marketing science and my own analytics methodologies to help my clients lower their costs, increase their sales and optimize their marketing campaigns.

My expertise include analysis, data visualization and optimization.

Google Analytics Training

My Google Analytics Consulting Process

1. Review Your Objectives

After the initial contact, I will create a work agreement between the client and myself about the details of the project. At the very beginning the initial conversations and hours on the project will involve:

  • Our first meetings.
  • Introductions to key partners and stake holders.
  • Exploring the core problems and the bigger challenges.
  • Determining if I’m even the right consultant for the job.
  • Specifying both our expectations for the project, the deliverables and outcomes.
  • Breaking down a timeline.
  • Establishing where and how we will get started.

In my experience, if we can get the initial stages locked down we will have a much greater success.

2. Analyze And Propose A Solution

It’s very important that both your, and my sense of the problem are aligned. A scope and a brief is always important, but I need to get the problem clear in my mind. This is where I can add the most value. I need to know who’s going to be involved in defining the problem; the full scope and what kind of data we should be using.

This is the stage where I shall take the mountain of information that is been collected and reduce it to the key data sources that we need.

I will provide feedback and make any suggestions that may need to be executed before we can continue. For example at this stage we may have to setup testing or establish new data collection methods.

This phases will involve a mixture of analysis, designing and planning. I’ll be selecting the processes to follow, selecting the goals for success and defining the best action steps.

3. Implement The Recommendations

Often, the implementation falls to my self, but sometimes the organization will remain deeply involved in the required actions. For example, the organization may need technical updates to the site or third party tools.

Sometimes the implementation of the projects will start with an educational event. In this series of meetings I’ll introduce the steak holders and teams to the changes. It may require a more than one meeting to get different parts of the organization together to address a problem.

Generally I will remain involved with the project through to completion.

4. Measure, Review, Optimize

The final phase begins with an evaluation of the implementations. Following this I will usually prepare a list of actions and next steps for myself and the organization stake holders. This is also where we evaluate if it is now necessary to extend the project on into other areas or parts of the organization.

On occasion it is not until after the implementation occurs that a clear picture of the real problem emerges. In this case we reiterate the process.

At the end of the project I will deliver a full handover document and train the key team members.

Expert Google Analytics Consulting

My Google Analytics Audit service is designed to get you out of the weeds as quickly as possible and delivering a measurable impact for your business. It’s an in-depth investigation and resolution process that will help your organization get maximum value from the tool.

From my audit you can expect:

  1. A clear project plan that will set expectations, deliverables and expected outcomes.
  2. A number of discovery meetings with your stakeholders to understand your business, your challenges, and your opportunities.
  3. A full audit of Google Analytics settings, implementation, and usage of Google Analytics.
  4. Troubleshooting any complex issues leading to data quality issues.
  5. Delivery of a detailed and comprehensive report with clear actions on how and why your Google Analytics setup and data collection will be fixed.
  6. A clear plan for implementing agreed upon improvements.

Don’t Take My Word for It…

Many great companies have relied on Michael Acland King to meet their Google Analytics consulting needs, from enterprise corporations to government agencies and small startups.


My Services Include, But Are Not Limited To:

Attribution Model Analysis

Customers rarely make a purchase straight after clicking on an ad, visiting your site for the first time or viewing a sales page. The discovery to new customer process can take days, weeks or months. Tying your offline data to your online metrics is one of the most challenging parts of the process. I help companies better understand the customer engagement steps that have to happen to drive bottom-line results.

I answer questions about:

  • The number of touch points.
  • Which channel to engage a customer with at what point.
  • What message to use when.
  • The value that each piece brings to the puzzle.

Competitor Research & Benchmarking

How’s your industry changing right now? What are your competitors doing? What opportunity have your competitors missed?

By analyzing and comparing your data to the industry benchmarks and your competitors we can jump on opportunities before they slip through your fingers.

A competitive analysis will provide you with ways to stand out. To differentiate your brand. To plan future strategies, identify gaps in your marketing plan and take advantage of new growth.

Page Analysis, Conversion Optimization and Message Science

  • Are your pages engaging?
  • Can your customers relate to your copy?
  • Have you developed a robust optimization strategy?
  • Are you optimizing for the correct audiences?

I’ll help you develop a strategic testing and optimization process to better understand what your customers want to see and why. Let me provide you with an objective analysis that will get you the most out of your creative and increase sales.

Budget, Frequency, & Touch Forecasting

To grow fast and efficiently you must spend your finite resources in the most effective places.

It’s easy to burn marketing budget in channels that have poor returns. Or neglect the customer sources that deliver the biggest bang for their buck. Investing in new content before you’ve optimized the sales funnel will stifle your growth.

Working with me I’ll first help you visualize your customers journey and put a risk vs reward against every decision. You’ll understand what it costs and the potential value each action brings.

Strategic Growth and Acquisition Analysis

Working together we’ll first determine the quality of your marketing channels and learn how to optimize your acquisition tactics for the best leads and sales. Let me analyze your current tactics by reviewing the cost, quality, and optimal volume to provide you with a more measurable understanding of the issues and opportunities available.

Reporting and Dashboard Building

There are million websites that use Google Analytics. Yet, 89% of marketers say they need to improve their Google Analytics knowledge. With over 500 unique pieces of data in Google Analytics there’s a lot of data to get lost in.

Charts, dashboards and custom reports make the time-consuming and overwhelming process of tracking trends and identifying opportunities much easier. I offer a dashboard service that will help you build out a Google Analytics dashboard. One that includes the data you care about. Making reporting easier than ever.

Past Analytics Consultations


Merlin Entertainment, the owner of Legoland, is the largest attraction operator in Europe. They manage 89 websites across 22 countries for over 100 attractions. The team’s marketing was held back by its lack of data and needed a solution.

A bespoke code implementation & Google Tag Manager migration provided an effective tracking & reporting solution. We provided technical consultancy, coding & project management.

This enabled one of the most significant changes to the way Merlin Entertainment controlled its data in years. The data analysts now trust the data they are receiving and the marketing team could confidently increase the ad spend.

What My Customers
Say About Me

Having immense knowledge of a subject is important. However, being able to talk about it and instruct in a clear manner doesn’t come very often. I can comfortably say Mike’s level of excellence paired with his concise instructions is rare.


Hammid S

Michael’s consulted on the implementation of our largest and most complex brands to Google Tag Manager and provided ongoing consultancy which made this complicated project and pleasure to work on. I have found Mike to be knowledgeable on a vast array of the subject and eager to share that knowledge.

Michael Chang

Michael Chang

Mike consulted at Build Direct on innovating new digital marketing strategies. He has also trained me to use Google Tag Manager and Google Adwords at an advanced level. Mike goes beyond what we request to give us the best recommendation possible.

Michael Bae

Michael Bae

His technical ability and understanding added incredible value to our team. He always provided accurate, reliable work, plus he was proactive and responsive to all the challenges we faced.

Ryan Webb

Ryan Webb

His approach to customer acquisition encapsulates the COA -> ROI. When I need to talk about data-led marketing/sales, Michael is my first and only phone call. If you’re looking to grow your business and want expertise in data-led marketing, call Michael.

Nicole Parmar

Nicole Parmar

A true specialist, on top of the continuous evolution of online advertising strategies and can be relied on to persistently and consistently work to get our clients results.

Audrey Ple

Audrey Ple

Previous Analytics Consultations

Pangea Maps

Pangea Maps 10Xed their leads within twelve months. They went on, the following holiday season, to triple their year-on-year revenue and maintain a substantial 30% margin on their sales.

The team at Pangea Maps were getting leads, but the leads were not cheap. They didn’t know what was landing customers, and they didn’t know what had caused the business growth to fluctuate.

We worked with Pangea to tie their online metrics to business objectives. Identify the most important data points and map out a data-led marketing strategy.

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