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Understand exactly what’s working – and what isn’t. I'll help you find the facts in your data that allow you to improve your marketing and achieve your business objectives.

I make it easy to report, analyze and improve your online marketing campaigns.
Michael Acland King

I Work With Analytics Data From Many Platforms

Attribution Model Analytics

Are you marketing campaigns helping to drive bottom-line results? Have you ever wondered what the value of an email address is over a sale? Could SEO be more profitable than Paid Search? I can help you answer these questions and more with a series of analyses and checks to provide direction and determine the value of your marketing channels and acquisition strategies.

Benchmarking & Competitive Research

Have you got insights into your competitor’s campaigns? Or have you looked at how your metrics stack up against your competitors and the industry averages? A competitive analysis will provide you with ways to stand out and differentiate your marketing campaigns from your competitors. you can use the analysis to plan future strategies, identify gaps in your plan and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

Ad Testing and Message Science

Are your creatives engaging? Can your customers relate to your ad-copy? Have you developed a robust testing strategy for your creative messaging to ensure you’re constantly improving and targeting the correct audience? I’ll help you develop a strategic testing process to better understand what your customers want to see and why. Let me provide you with an objective analysis that will get you the most out of your creative and increase sales.

Budget, Frequency, & Touch Forecasting

Are you spending your marketing resources in the most effective places? Have you delivered too many impressions to your customers or too many? Do you know when and where it’s best to put an ad in front of your customer and what to say? Working with me I’ll first help you visualize your touchpoints with a detailed analysis of what’s happening and then build the optimal mix with which to engage your customers.

Strategic Growth and Acquisition Analysis

Working together we’ll first determine the quality of your marketing channels and learn how to optimize your acquisition tactics for the best leads and sales. Let me analyze your current tactics by reviewing the cost, quality, and optimal volume to provide you with a more measurable understanding of the issues and opportunities available.

Reporting and Dashboard Building

Does your team quiver at the thought of a histogram? Or do they nod glassy-eyed when you ask about sales and budget forecasts? If you need live, actionable reports, the type that shows you what works and doesn’t work, we should talk. The first step toward building a data-first culture is to make data readable, and usable by everyone in your organization. Dashboards are one of the easiest ways you can make data digestible and more fun for every member of your team and I can help you build them and teach you to use them effectively.

Past Analytics Consultations


Merlin Entertainment, the owner of Legoland, is the largest attraction operator in Europe. They manage 89 websites across 22 countries for over 100 attractions. The team’s marketing was held back by its lack of data and needed a solution.

A bespoke code implementation & Google Tag Manager migration provided an effective tracking & reporting solution. We provided technical consultancy, coding & project management.

This enabled one of the most significant changes to the way Merlin Entertainment controlled its data in years. The data analysts now trust the data they are receiving and the marketing team could confidently increase the ad spend.

Previous Analytics Consultations

Pangea Maps

Pangea Maps 10Xed their leads within twelve months. They went on, the following holiday season, to triple their year-on-year revenue and maintain a substantial 30% margin on their sales.

The team at Pangea Maps were getting leads, but the leads were not cheap. They didn’t know what was landing customers, and they didn’t know what had caused the business growth to fluctuate.

We worked with Pangea to tie their online metrics to business objectives. Identify the most important data points and map out a data-led marketing strategy.

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