Google Ads Training

Our  Google Ads Training  will teach you how to analyze data and optimize your campaigns. You'll learn how to save marketing budget, increase performance and achieve your goals.

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Introduction To Google Ads Training

Our Google Ads training is designed for marketers that do the job. Using real world examples and demo accounts they are fun, hands on and practical. The training gives you the opportunities to learn, develop and test out the skills you learn.

On this course you will:

Google Ads Training

Google Ads Syllabus

This AdWords workshop is for those already running AdWords campaigns in-house or wanting to keep an eye on what their third party agency are doing.

We cover the fundamentals of AdWords and how to make the most of the tools & features. You learn how to plan and strategize your campaigns before delving into the reporting and optimization tools.

You will learn our top tips and hints, successful keyword optimization, attribution models, bidding strategies, and using Google Analytics to maximize return on investment.

By the end of the workshop you will feel confident tackling your next campaign and pushing it to maximize results. You will be knowledgeable in all the key areas and confident talking with others about how to take advantage of the features.

Training events

A few times every year I organize local training events. These are usually smalls groups of less than 10 people from different businesses and industries.

In-house Workshops

If you want to bring your whole team up to speed an in-house workshop is probably your best bet. These events are custom designed based on your businesses objectives and training needs. 

Remote Google Ads Training

Upon request I can organize remote training for your team. These events are usually best broken up into short workshops over multiple days. They are designed specifically for your team based on your business objectives. If you’re interested in a remote training event, get in contact.

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